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Hi Lisa,
Here you go:
If you have Dropbox installed,the main Dropbox folder is in your name folder in the User folder on the root of the C / operating system drive.  You can get into it quickly by typing a single period into the Run dialogue, Windows key + R,  & pressing enter.
After getting into your name folder, highlight the Dropbox folder, open the context menu, open Send To, & press enter on create a desktop shortcut.
Go to your desktop, & cut the Dropbox shortcut, & go back to your name folder.
Now, in your name folder you have a subfolder called, AppData.  If it's not showing you'll have to unhide files & folders & possibly protected operating system files to make it show.  Open the AppData folder, navigate to the Roaming folder, open it, go to the microsoft folder, open it, go to the Windows folder, open it, go to the Send to folder, open it, & paste that Dropbox desktop Shortcut right here.  Now use your F2 key to edit the Dropbox shortcut so it only says, Dropbox, & you should now have a Dropbox entry in your context menu.
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Subject: [TechTalk] Adding Dropbox to Send To submenu

Hi, all.

Using Windows 10, how do I add Dropbox as a destination on the send to
menu? I used this method all of the time with my old XP machine running
older versions of Dropbox.

I just did a fresh install of Dropbox to version 43.X and this option is
no longer listed.

My PC has successfully linked with Dropbox and I'm running the program
as administrator.

I've searched through the help system and cannot find where this option
is, though I suspect it has to do with changing a start menu setting.

TIA for the assistance.

Lisa Belville


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