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From: [] On Behalf Of Sugar Lopez
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 2:44 PM
Subject: [TechTalk] New computer


Hi all

I had to purchase a brand new computer due to my old computer biting the big one at last and gave up at once. It was 15 years old.

All of a sudden my ports stop working, it was not accepting my keyboard, headset or mouse.

I thought it was strange so I took it in to Office Depot and they said it was a system thing, so we bought a Lenovo? 64 and it had windows 10 built in.

It is also a touch screen not that I will use it but it is there, also a wireless keyboard/mouse and a lil camera that pops up and down on top of the screen.

There is no hard drive separate, it is all built in the screen and a cd/DVD rom built in the side as well.

It is a 8 g and 1 terabyte

Since there was no outlook I purchased the Windows Office Pro business/home 2016

So I had to come home and install Jaws 17, it is what I have because I don’t have the funds to purchase 2018 at the moment so 17 will do for now. Smile

Anyways, my question is for outlook 2016

When inputting my contacts (because all of my contacts were not saved so I have to rebuild my contacts(crying out loud face((I hear the name of my contact and then (not present( right beside it, what does that mean?

Just wondering


Also I need instructions on adding the BBC line again please?


Also does anyone have any friendly tips on making my pc a bit more blind friendlier?

On the upgraded windows 10 that I did with the link from Microsoft dis., there was something called “this PC( it is not on this one it is now back to control panel

They were able to save my data so that’s a good thing.

It is a little different from the other windows 10 not sure how or why but it just is.

As I am trying to get use to this one right when I was starting to get use to the other one. Oh well.

Well thanks for hearing me out.


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