Re: Questions re Roomba vacuum cleaners

Rick Alfaro

The most accessible models are the ones that will connect to WiFi IMHO. Using their iRobot app you can setup and control the Roomba as well as getting notifications for various events.




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Subject: [TechTalk] Questions re Roomba vacuum cleaners


I know that there are several models of the Roomba vacuums.  Does anyone know whether the accessibility level varies significantly from one model to another?  If so, which is the most accessible for a totally blind user?   QVC had a great deal Saturday night on the so called 800 series which they were selling for $400.  .  But the price was so much lower than other models that I wondered just what the differences are.  Furthermore, if I buy one, I’ll probably get it from Costco because Costco has such a great return policy.


Don Roberts


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