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Rick Alfaro

The Roomba 970 will if necessary, return to its dock to charge and then resume where it left off.


Although it’s cleaning ability is no match for a high powered upright or canaster model, the convenience is awesome and if you setup schedules to vacuum frequently, it actually does a pretty decent job.



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From what I have read about the Roomba vacs, they are not as effective at cleaning as a standard, upright vacuum.  The Roomba’s cleaning effectiveness has been compared to that of a lightweight, rechargeable stick vac.  This makes sense because there is no way that the Roomba’s rechargeable battery would have enough juice to power a heavy duty motor like the kind found in standard AC-operated upright and cannister vacs.  So while the Roomba may offer the convenience of cleaning each room in your home automatically, it may still be necessary to re-vacuum them manually with a standard vac to clean up the dirt the Roomba missed.  And keep in mind that the
Roomba’s rechargeable battery may not last long enough to vacuum your entire home in one pass before it needs to be recharged.





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The most accessible models are the ones that will connect to WiFi IMHO. Using their iRobot app you can setup and control the Roomba as well as getting notifications for various events.




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I know that there are several models of the Roomba vacuums.  Does anyone know whether the accessibility level varies significantly from one model to another?  If so, which is the most accessible for a totally blind user?   QVC had a great deal Saturday night on the so called 800 series which they were selling for $400.  .  But the price was so much lower than other models that I wondered just what the differences are.  Furthermore, if I buy one, I’ll probably get it from Costco because Costco has such a great return policy.


Don Roberts


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