Re: LatestJAWS2018

Allen West

JAWS 2018 reads the item count on my work computer. It does not read
it on my home computer. Here are the differences. My work computer
runs Windows 7 and has Office 2013 installed. My home computer runs
Windows 10 and has Office 365 installed. They both have the latest
JAWS 2018
I don't know if this is a Windows 10 issue or an Office issue.


On 3/6/18, Smiling? <> wrote:
Anyone else notice that the latest JAWS2018 update does not show the user
the item count when one is in Outlook. The keystroke for the item count in
Outlook would be, Inser+Pagedown. I just loaded JAWS18 to see if it was
JAWS2018 and at least over here on my end, it is JAWS2018 not giving the
item count, with JAWS18 working just fine regarding the item count within

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