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Pamela Dominguez

I don’t remember where we got it, but there is a magnetic dish you can put parts in.  It has rubber on the bottom so it won’t slide.  George got it from some one of the catalogs that sells stuff for the blind, I think.  Pam.

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How do you remove those tiny screws that hold the battery cover in place without losing them?  And then once you remove the cover,how do you remove the small clip that holds the battery in place without having it fly across the room?  Even a jeweler uses a loupe to see what he’s doing because the screws are so small.
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Hi Gerald,
Not true, every talking watch that I have owned up to now,
I have replaced the batteries myself.
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This is precisely why I will never buy another talking watch.  Once the battery dies, it must be replaced by a watch repair shop, which in many cases costs as much or more as a new watch.  So now, I use a talking penwatch, which is available from Future Aids for $13.95.  It  is an attractive, aluminum pen that I can just keep in my shirt pocket, and whenever I want to hear the time, I just press a button on the pen barrel.  It even writes like an ordinary pen and can also record short memos.  Best of all, it runs on two AG13/LR44 button batteries that are easily replaced simply by unscrewing the pen barrel.
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Hi Jeffrey,


There is a website, www.future I have been buying most of my blindness products from these guys for several years now. Their prices are good and they do not charge shipping on orders over $10. They have a Talking Atomic Watch for $34.95 I believe that I have owned. It lasted for several years before the batteries played out. The  problem these days is that it costs $30 or more to have the batteries changed in a watch that has 2 batteries in it, and most talking watches do not cost that much any longer, so I am usually purchasing a new watch every few years. The Atomic watch sets itself by the US military clock in Fort Collins Colorado, and it updates itself every morning around 3:00 AM. If it ever says that it has not updated, then you can set it in a window over night and it should take care of itself. Future aids has many other watches to choose from as well.





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I’ve been getting mine from Maxi Aids.  I buy their best, seventy dollars, but they seem to crap out in a year or so.  My first was a Seiko.  It was a real tank and lasted for many years until the band broke off and their was no replacing it.




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