Re: Transferring a book from Book Share to an SD card.

Carolyn Arnold

When Jim got back, he liked to never have figured out, first
where the card went in his computer and which way. Then it
looked to him that there was a lot of stuff on it. I told
him one of the books was about fast calculations. He found
it, could download it into his computer; it was text, of
course. Finally, he figured that the file extension was XML,
whatever in the world that is.

So, I take it that there is hope, that some of the books on
Book Share will play in the Daizy format?

The think that I like about the Victor Reader Stream is that
I do not have to do anything about my computer. I can
download to it directly.

Hope your day is a diamond,


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Hi all,

OK, good, Laz. Obviously, if they are etext they won't play
on the DTBM. If they are audible DAISY they will play.

Ann P.

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