Re: Transferring a book from Book Share to an SD card.


I'm quite sure you can have Book Share convert a text book to an audio format using a text to speech conversion program.  Then you download the audio file for use in players that play audio and not text files or if you want to hear whatever voice is used in making the file if you don't have that voice.
The first question that needs to be resolved is, does the player being used play text files and the second is, am I correct that Book Share will convert books to an audio file which you can download? 
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HI Ann,

Text files play just fine on the Talking Book Reader. The issue is we
don't know if the file is zipped up or not or what the file name
extension of the file is, so until we know for sure not much can be
done from my end. Can you tell us what file types these BookServe
books come in? I thought they were MP3, TXT, or Daisy. Is the file
name extension for the Daisy books XML? Carolyn's husband said the
file name extension is XML. I'm trying to get one of them to send me
the book as an attachment so I can sort it out...

Thanks Ann!


On 3/7/18, Ann Parsons <akp@...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> OK, good, Laz.  Obviously, if they are etext they won't play on the
> DTBM.  If they are audible DAISY they will play.
> Ann P.
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