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Try fire fox

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I'd try using another browser.  I've had issues with IE on certain sites,
where when I try it with Chrome, it goes right through.
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Hi Everyone,
I am trying to enroll on Bank Of America web site,  and I have to enter a
tax/ID number, but the problem is after I enter 21 characters, I get a
message saying I have to add at least 6 characters, and I am entering 21
characters.  I can't get into this new business account because of this.  I
have been trying to enroll online banking, but to no avail.
I have spent days and days and several hours with Bank Of America on the
phone as they were trying to walk me through it, but they said they don't
have any idea why this would be, and they never seen this.  They did say I
have to have the latest IE, and I do.  Bank Of America also said they would
have their I-t people to call me, but they never did call.  Can anyone tell
me what I might do to get around this.  This is very important to me, and
this is not a personal account, but a small business account.  I am running
Windows 7 JAWS 2018 latest version of IE.
Thank you in Advance.

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