Re: anybody seen the erroneous stuff on the Bard main page?

Ms. E.M. Kirtley <ekirtley@...>

Here is something that might help with these errors that I got from another list.

as of this writing at 9:25 PM EST on Monday, August 31 2015 Bard is completely down.  Let me give you guys a good website to use if you ever wonder if your provider is at fault, or if it's bard actually down.

please always use:

You can type the address of a website into the box on the web page, and it will tell you if the website is down.

For example, when I typed

<http://NlsBard.Loc.Gov>http://NlsBard.Loc.Gov into the edit box, I got the following message.

it's not just you!

looks down from here.

So, do yourselves a favor and bookmark

<>, and use it next time you can't access bard. You'll get a pretty clear answer right away.


AMs. E. Kirtley

t Tuesday 07:43 AM, you wrote:

It's definitely not you. I can't bring it up at all. I get a waiting message; then I'm told to refresh the page, and that still doesn't help.

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