Re: have you ever gotten this message? Windows lock screen?

Jim Rawls

I have that key, and when I press it, it does not unmute the speakers. I wish it
did. that's the first thing I did. smile. Jim

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Hi Jim,

As far as the Lock screen issue, that has already been answered. If you see an X
signifying mute near your sound icon in the system tray, my first issue would be,
do you have a keyboard with a sound interface? If you do, it is located above the
function keys on a 101 QWERTY keyboard. It may very on different models, but mine
has 4 keys, the far right is mute. It is a toggle and if you press it when the
sound is muted, it will unmute it.

On 3/12/2018 9:01 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all, last Friday afternoon, I was shutting down my windows ten computer,
and I was pulling down the top, and just before it locked into place, I heard jaws
say,' "Windows lock screen.'"

I never gotten that message before so I raised the top and tried to get
jaws to say something. It would tell me what I was pressing, but nothing would
move. I couldn't get to the desktop or start menu or anything., so I was left with
the choice of force shut down, because the computer had decided to just lock up. I
did the shut down, and when I rebooted, I now have no sound, but my sighted wife
can move things around. And in the system tray, the speaker had an X through it,
indicating that it is muted. I closed Microsoft and they worked with me for an hour
and couldn't solve the problem, and they are calling back tomorrow with someone
from a higher level to see what they can do. Meanwhile I am on my old clunky W8.1
computer. How can I get my sound back on the W10 computer? My windows glen computer
is running jaws18. Thanks for your help, and by the way, when I say no sound I mean
that, Cds or files won't play either. jim

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