Re: have you ever gotten this message? Windows lock screen?

Jim Rawls

I'll try that mike, and go dodgers is right. Smile. Jim

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Hi Jim,

See if the note below helps any at all:

Getting rid of the "resume display screen" prompt after not using the computer for
10 or 15 minutes

For several months, the lock or also called "log-in" screen comes on after no
action from the keyboard or mouse for ten minutes. The enter must be press or
spacebar pressed on the correct username to get back to the desktop.
I am happy to report that the solution was found thanks to a friend. He was also
one of my best students in technology years ago.
So here is what had to be done.

How to shut off the locked screen feature in Windows Ten
1. Press the windows key also called start button.
2. Type in the following without quotes.
"screen saver"
3. Arrow down to "change screen saver" and hit enter.
4. Tab to the checkbox labeled "on resume display log-in screen" and press the
spacebar to uncheck this box.
5. Tab to apply and it enter.
6. Tab to okay and hit enter.

Take care. Mike. Go Dodgers!
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Subject: [TechTalk] have you ever gotten this message? Windows lock screen?

Hi all, last Friday afternoon, I was shutting down my windows ten computer, and I
was pulling down the top, and just before it locked into place, I heard jaws say,'
"Windows lock screen.'"

I never gotten that message before so I raised the top and tried to get jaws to
say something. It would tell me what I was pressing, but nothing would move. I
couldn't get to the desktop or start menu or anything., so I was left with the
choice of force shut down, because the computer had decided to just lock up. I did
the shut down, and when I rebooted, I now have no sound, but my sighted wife can
move things around. And in the system tray, the speaker had an X through it,
indicating that it is muted. I closed Microsoft and they worked with me for an hour
and couldn't solve the problem, and they are calling back tomorrow with someone
from a higher level to see what they can do. Meanwhile I am on my old clunky W8.1
computer. How can I get my sound back on the W10 computer? My windows glen computer
is running jaws18. Thanks for your help, and by the way, when I say no sound I mean
that, Cds or files won't play either. jim

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