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Hi Carlos, I would join the sub-group if one existed. I think this list should remain as a tech list.




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I had actually considered creating a subgroup for this purpose which is a feature of, but I wasn't sure how many members would bother subscribing.  Thoughts and opinions would be appreciated.  I am willing to go with the majority vote.

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From: Gene

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I'm raising this for discussion.  This is something that I think deserves serious consideration for the development of the list. 


It may be that there should be two lists, one mainly for discussion of technical problems and another for more general discussion.  I think many potential list members may leave the list or not join if the list becomes known as a chat and tech list.  This list is so much turning into a chat list that it may not be properly characterized as a tech list.  This isn't a question of whether some members like chat.  It's a question of what kind of list this should be and that a large number of busy people may not join.  I would think that having a chat list where topics started on this list can be moved would make this list significantly more attractive and useful for many people who would not join or remain on this list if it is mostly a chat list with some tech discussion.  That is what this list appears to be turning into.  . 




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