Re: Uber Self-Driving Car Hits and Kills Pedestrian

Angelo Sonnesso

The local sheriff said that the crash could not be avoided.

73 N2DYN Angelo

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Anyway, what makes human driven cars any safer? Add in such human depravities as Drink driving, wrecklessness, hit and run incidences, and you find that self-driven cars could be in fact, much more safe since computers are incapable of sinking into inhuman levels. I've travelled on airplanes that are put on auto pilot to allow the human pilots needed rest, And I'm still around to tell the tale, as I suspect, some of you are too. Cheers!

On 3/20/2018 9:35 PM, Mike Thomas wrote:
News reports this morning on the accident, claim the woman was
crossing the street illegally by not crossing at a crosswalk.
Autonomous cars cannot predict and may not be ready for irradic human
behavior. This car also had a human backup. Where was his
interaction? I continue to be in favor of the technology.
Undoubtedly those human indiscretions will attempt to be taken into
consideration by the vehicles, but not all situations can be
prevented. Had that have been a small child that didn't clear the
hood of the parked cars, human drivers as well as autonomous cars
could not have prevented the tragedy. If you consider the miles
driven by autonomous cars without an accident, I'm sure the safety
factor is far ahead of cars with human operators applying makeup,
reading the headlines of a news story, talking or sending a cell phone
text, etc. I'll much easier entrust my safety to the technology of
today above that of a distracted public.
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It is interesting about young people. My granddaughter finally got her
learner's permit; she'll be 17 in July. Used to, people would be at
the DMV when the door opened on their 16th birthday.

As for self-driving cars, we've had the technology in subway trains
and trains at the air terminals for years, and it works just fine.

I'm not saying that if they come out, I want to get one or if they are
available how soon I'd want to try, might rather have Uber (which
probably would be self driven at that point) but not my responsibility
for a way long time to come. By then, I'd be pretty old, as some of
you know I already have a good start in that direction.

Love more than you're loved, give more than you're given, appreciate
the small things,


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Further on this topic, there is a great deal of interest among
businesses in self-driving technology. Delivery services such as UPS
want to use it, large pizza delivery companies want to use it.
Drivers are a very large expense. Uber and other companies want to
use it for the same reason.

Many people, as individual drivers, may not want to for a time. but
when time goes by and if the technology is safe, or as safe as can
reasonably be expected, nothing is completely safe, they will see how
much time they are losing that they could be using for activities they
want to do. Young people are less interested in driving than earlier
generations. They want to use their time in other ways.


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For those of you who can’t waint to buy a self-driving car, you may
have a long waint. Uber has suspended its self-driving vehicle
program after one of its autonomous vehicles hit and killed a
pedestrian in Arizona:


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