Waterfox Works Well With NVDA And A Question

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

Waterfox works quite well with NVDA.  I suppose it's no surprise--since the basic underlying code is Mozilla.  This is only for 64 bit systems.

It is supposed to work well with unsigned add ons.  I was hoping it would work well with the latest add on version of Webvisum. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to work with Webvisum.  Has anyone else been able to get Webvisum to work with Waterfox?  The latest version of Webvisum is signed.  I wonder if a previous version of Webvisum would work with Waterfox--the one that is unsigned.  If it can be made to do so, that would be a great boon to anyone who is now having to pay for Renola or Capcha Be Gone.

Thanks for any help.

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