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Hi Chris & Kimsan,
Chris you are correct, & there's only one version of the VIP 3000.  1 note, it's the 2nd button from the left of the top row.
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Unless there are 2 version of the VIP 3000, it’s the second button in from the left. I just checked mine.


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The top left hand button is the program on and off button.  Is it possible that you don't have program on?  Just press it and it will say either program on or program off.  You need it on and then it should make the changes for you.


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I recently received a VIP 3000 thermostat since I just had central air installed.


I learned that you can program it to have different temps during different times of the day, so I set it to be at a certain temp at 10 pm, but when I push the report button the temp never swiched to the temp I had it configured to change too. Thoughts?


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