Re: recommendations for a bluetooth speaker please

Peter Spitz

I really like this Cambridge Audio Bluetooth speaker. It's water
resistant so you can take it outside and it fills my living room
pretty well with good sound. It's only about $25 at Amazon too.

On 3/27/18, Troy Burnham <> wrote:
Thanks Ashley, it sounds like the Bose speaker may be bigger than what
I'd want if I can find something smaller but I'll check out the can
speaker along with any others that may be recommended.


On 3/27/2018 11:28 AM, Ashley Breger via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi Troy,
I own a Bose speaker which sounds excellent. I also own a can speaker
which is about the size of a small pop can and also sounds excellent. The
Bose speaker is about the size of a standard sized notebook.
Hope this helps,
On Mar 27, 2018, at 11:23 AM, Troy Burnham <>

Hi all,

I need recommendations for a good bluetooth speaker that sounds good for
both voice and music please.

I want to pair it with my Amazon echo so I can have the echo play music
inside and I can take the speaker outside to listen, and I also want to
pair it
with my phone to use with the Spectrum app to listen to tv programs.



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