Puzzled about CDEX ripping speed

Walter Ramage

Hi all.  I have for many years used CDEX for ripping my CDs.  I for a few years used Express Rip but lately have resorted to CDEX.  I’ve been using version 1.51 on two of my PCs but this morning on one of the PCs I had a problem .  To cut a long story short I uninstalled the programme and re-installed it a couple of times.  I then uninstalled it and installed  newer versions but still had real trouble to the extent I just couldn’t even launch it.  I had though earlier in the morning ripped around 5 CDs before the trouble.


I called my computer guy and arranged for him to come out on Thursday and I then shut down the computer until then.  However I forgot to remove the discs I had ripped from that computer and put them on my back up drives and thus I turned on the PC to do that and while on I tried CDEX one last time without any real hope of it working; but it did!.  The version I now have installed is 1.83 but the reason I’m puzzled is the computer is now ripping  discs at incredible speed.  It is ripping a 16 track CD in 1 minute 52 seconds.  This concerned me because I imagined it wasn’t ripping the discs properly but after ripping there are no errors indicated and all the file properties are fine.  I even ripped one of the discs on my other PC and compared both ripped files and there are no problems that I can detect.  My question is, and I guess I have two questions but the first one is; is it normal for CDEX to rip a disc with such speed and has this been your experience?  My second question is does anybody know if CDEX rips the WAV file in 8 or 16 bit?  My other PC is still running version 1.51 without trouble, so far.  Walter.

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