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David Moore

Are there apps on the Amazon Fire Stick that would allow me to watch games that are on ESPN, News talk shows that are on the news networks, shows that are on Nick at Night, The Home and Garden Channel, and so on.

Traci and I are really thinking about this. I am blind, she is not, and she has to do everything with our AT&T Uverse cable box, because it is not accessible at all. These are the shows and programs I would want to watch most on the Fire Stick. Neither of us are really into movies, but shows on the channels I described.

How would the Fire Stick be for those shows, Like Everyone Loves Raymond, Friends, two and a half Men, for example, and Property brothers on the Home and Garden channel and news talk shows?

Looking forward to your answers.

Also, how much are Net Flicks, Amazon Prime, and others.

Are there any free apps on the fire stick that we could get sitcoms and News shows, and Home and garden shows and that?

Right me off list if you want,


I really appreciate any info you have about what you can watch.

David Moore

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Hello Fred,


The Firestick is used with a TV, it plugs into one of the HDMI ports on the back of the TV and has a small remote control to control it. It also has Alexa capabilities.






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Michael, is the firestick used

with a computer or regular TV

set?  Sounds interesting.


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Hello Ann,


The Amazon Firestick is very

accessible right out of the

box. Voice View, the screen

reader for the Firestick, is

easily turned on during the

set-up process, and all else

is a   breeze after this is

done. I might add that

Amazon's Fire TV technical

support can be very helpful

for any questions that you

might have or to walk you

through anything that you

cannot seem to make go your

way. Just call the

accessibility support number

on the Amazon web page to be

connected to them.


As for the apps within the

Firestick, many, though not

all, are accessible. Netflix

definitely is, and yes you can

browse through the different

categories and titles to

select anything that you may

want to watch. Both Amazon

Prime TV and Netflix have

great search capabilities that

is  easy to use to find a

particular title, genre,

producer etc that you might be

looking for.


I have been very happy with my

Firestick and I cannot see any

reason why anyone would not

be. Very accessible.






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Morning all,


I'm getting ready to change a

bunch of stuff around here,

and am interested in people's

accessibility experience with

Amazon Firestick.

How accessible is it?  How do

you interact with it?  If you

get, say Netflicks, can you

browse a list of movies and

have the titles spoken aloud?

Can you access it from a

computer or do you have to use

a remote or both?  I'm very

new to this concept, so please

be basic in your explanations.


Ann P.



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