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Can you read what is in quarantine if it says something is a threat?



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That's awesome to hear. I definitely like that it seems to be more accessible than the other antivirus applications out there and if it weren't for the small issues in it reading some of the popup things, apparently something specific to NVDA, it'd be just about perfect.
Pretty neat.

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I have used Vipre with Jaws for years. A computer I bought about 10 years ago came with a lifetime license to Vipre Internet Security with licenses for up to 3devices. I have been using it ever since. I am now on the Advanced Security version. I have found Vipre to be very accessible with Jaws and Threat Track Security has worked diligently over the years to improve the accessibility of the interface.






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Vipre is pretty good and what my wife and I decided to go with, but accessibility throughout the interface could most certainly be improved. I can't say how things might be different if one were to use it with JFW, but with NVDA, I find that I need to use object navigation to access certain parts of the interface. It's also quite the pickle to read areas such as where your scan results are displayed, whether it's that of a scan performed through the context menu verses a normal scheduled quick/full scan, but it can be done. You'll also find that any files that show up as being malicious will be displayed in a list that can be navigated through using the arrows. However, in how some of these lists and their information are displayed, not all information seems to be easily focusable by the screenreader. One example of this is when you wish to see the file path of an application or whatever that triggered a warning and you move to the entry in the list, visually a thing will pop up to the right with the information, but NVDA wont automatically read it. If you move your mouse to roughly where the entry shows up though, you can then slightly move it and it will read what's there under the pointer. I also don't know about the logs area of the firewall section and how well it might read everything there, but I assume it'd be similar to the virus section.

You'll note that when you start using it, specifically the configurations of the firewall, that there is a default setting that uses the rules that are currently in place and another that basically learns and makes new rules as you use different' applications and services. The application suggests using this second mode to start out with, so basically start creating a ruleset for the applications and whatever that you're currently using and ten when you're satisfied with things, changing it over to the first one to use those rules. I only mention this because, you'll be getting a fair number of popups in the top right corner of your screen when vipre wishes to know whether you want to allow/deny something. At least with NVDA, the screenreader doesn't automatically focus on any specific button in this popup, but it does somewhat focus on the window thing that shows up. To jump focus to the first button in the window, I normally press tab and then I can move around with object navigation to see what is being asked of me. These are also the same types of window/popup things that show up when a malicious file is detected, but obviously the buttons are different. Also be aware that these windows only last for a certain amount of time, so especially with the firewall ones, I try to read the information in them pretty quickly. :)
Anyways, hope that helps.
Take care.

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Try VIPRE Advanced. It’s accessibility is different (what isn’t though) but still possible definitely.


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Dear all,

It’s the time of the year, or shall I put it. three long years my security solution with Eset.

I think I should review the current status of what I am using now. I am not sure whats out there which its accessible, comes with firewall, IPS and best of all these, I can read, customize the settings as I need.

Eset security  suite version 8 was good for what is doing for that period of time. I would like to see whats out there in last two years, what I can do  or approach after January 2018.


If you all can suggest anything I can try, I will love to trial them. paid is not an issue as I don’t think security suite with firewall, ips and firewall customization are…. Free.

Microsoft security essential is not an choice, since it does not comes with any sort of firewall. Window firewall itself is good for what it does but  it does not comes with any signature IPS.


In worst cases, I don’t mind sticking with Eset, renew it for the next few years. I just don’t feel with version 8, it can handle the thread out there beside its updated signature. I don’t wish Eset to tell me one fine day, no more updates to this old version.




Thomas N. Chan



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