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Carolyn Arnold

I think you can try Control and Plus sign, only I don't know if it will get as large as you can by going to Font like Jim says, which I know will work.

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Hi Janet!

I am using Windows 10 but I believe you have the same menu structure under 7. I open NotePad, go to the format dropdown and arrow down to font size press enter then tab to the item that says font size and from there you should be able to arrow down and increase the size of your font. To get to the format menu I press Alt-E then arrow once to the right. There maybe an easier way of getting to the font window but I don't know it<SMILE!>. This larger font is reflected in both the onscreen font as well as the size of the font which your are typing. Hope this helps..! Good Luck & Have A Good 1! de


On 31-Mar-18 17:18, janet gross wrote:

Hi Everyone,
Is it possible to type in large print instead of just the standard text size in notepad? If so, would someone please tell me how.
Using Windows 7 latest JAWS.
Thank you.


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