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The default size in the program, if you don't change it, is 10.  I don't know this, but I would think the default in the program would be set to reflect the standard size generally used.

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Hi there!

I believe that 12 point is the standard font size, and this is the size that I normally leave it set at.  When I am trying to proof read something as I read it I will set the size to 36 or 48 and when I am ready to do something official with it, I will change the size back to the 12 point size.  I know when I was taking college classes, most of my instructors liked things turn in, in 12 point if I remember correctly.  Just my thoughts..! Catch Ya all later! de


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I'll just add that 10 or 12 point text is pretty normal reading size. Notepad will go up to 72 point text.  I remember reading somewhere that 72 point text results in approximately 1 inch high text.  If I'm addressing a package to be mailed, I usually use 16 to 18 point text which makes it pretty stick out in appearance.  Of course remember as text size becomes bigger, the number of characters that fit on a line quickly decreases.
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I think 18 point is large print, but, of course, you can
make it larger than that.

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Open the menus.  right arrow to format and start down
Press enter on font.  It's a dialog.
Tab to size.  Up and down arrow to change the size.  I don't
know what size constitutes large type as the term is used
for the visually impaired.  Once on the size you want tab to
the ok button and activate it.  Or you can try just pressing
enter, which will very likely do the same thing where you

I don't think Notepad remembers any settings changes to
fonts so check what the settings are the next time you use
the program.

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Hi Everyone,
Is it possible to type in large print instead of just the
standard text size in notepad? If so, would someone please
tell me how.
Using Windows 7 latest JAWS.
Thank you.


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