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Mike Thomas

Hi Nancy,  I use a Canon 4077N printer.  It has a document feeder that I love for photo copying multiple pages.  I use a USB connection although it has a network connection if I want to go that route.  I can print, Copy and I had even  used bump dots to mark the things I needed to scan with the printer.  Faxing however did remain elusive due to the screen commands.  Best of all, it uses a very lowcost toner cartridge that I get on eBay for 8 to 10 dollars.  These then usually last about 2 years.  The cost of the printer was about $100 from Amazon, and if its still available you might check it out.  Canon technical support is very good at helping with issues and doing what they can to accomodate those with visual disabilities.

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We were told by Best Buy that this model is no longer made. Need closest to this one. It's simple, straight forward, and inexpensive. i've been able to print letters and envelopes and use with Docuscan Plus. Advice, please!

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