Re: pairing a bluetooth speaker with an amazon echo

Mike Thomas

Hi troy, you need to know how you begin the pairing process. This will most likely be with the speaker. Find out how to put it into pairing mode. Then go to your phone and do the bluetooth pairing. If you have a button you simply can't figure out what it does on the speaker, then you might think that to be the bluetooth pairing button. On a couple of devices I find this button is the last on the bottom, or the last on the right. I realize its difficult to know when the speaker is silent. Again try getting an electronic form of your owner's manual for the speaker, or give us a model number and let's see if one of us can find it. press it, and then see if you can find a new bluetooth device listed on your phone and pair them up.

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Hi all,

I purchased an Oontz bluetooth speaker on the recommendation of a couple of list members, and now I'm trying to pair it with my amazon echo and I need help.

Btw I have the alexa app on my iPhone 7 if it's easier to pair it that way.



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