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Hi Donald,
You said that you can't create a new folder using, Alt 2.  Does this mean you're using the keystroke, Alt + 2, to create a folder?  If so, which screen reading program is this folder creating keystroke for?  As far as I know this keystroke won't work in Jaws or NVDA, but i believe it was mentioned that the keystroke, Control, Shift, + N, will create a new folder using either Jaws or NVDA.  I just checked this keystroke in both Jaws & NVDA and it does indeed create a new folder using both programs.  I believe this is a default Windows keystroke, & not a screenreader keystroke.
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I would suggest possibly running a repair on your Windows installation. Has any other strange behavior been noticed?






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I’m running Windows 10 version 1709 on an HP desktop.  I still use Window-eyes whenever possible but also have Jaws 18 and NVDA.


In a nutshell, the problem is this.  I absolutely cannot create a new folder using alt 2.  My system was flaky yesterday afternoon. 

But after seemingly righting itself after a reboot, I could no longer create new directories.  Thinking that I had somehow set a read only flag, I made sure this was not the problem.  But the problem persists this morning and is true regardless of which of the three screen readers I use.  So this would seem to rule out the screen reader as the culprit.


I will probably phone Microsoft disability later this morning.  But if some kind soul has a productive suggestion, I am all ears.


Thanks in advance.


Don Roberts


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