Re: Windows 10 version 1803

Gary Greico

1709 is wha'ts out now, 1803 is coming soon according to microsoft.

On 11-Apr-18 6:16 PM, Donald L. Roberts wrote:
Sometimes, one just cannot avoid asking a stupid question.  Unfortunately, this is one of those times for me.
Since Joseph Lee and others have been talking about Windows 10 version 1803 being rolled out, when my windows 10 system told me on Monday night that an update was pending, I assumed that I would get 1803.  Not so! What I received according to Winver was Windows 10 1709 (os build 16299.331.  So I feel compelled to ask, just what is going on?
I trust that those of you who are enlightened will clarify this for me.  Thanks in advance.
Don Roberts

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