Re: Fire Tablet or Android instruction?


Joining the eyes-free list will be a bit of Android overload for using
the Fire OS which has moved beyond Android with their adaptation of
some iOS gestures, plus you really should give a better warning to
unsuspecting people about the fanboy mentality and maltreatment of new
members who happen to mention anything about iOS on that list.

To join a good list for blind or vision impaired fire tablet owners,
visit and if that doesn't work
for you try sending an email message to and put the word subscribe in the
subject line.

On 4/13/18, Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.
<> wrote:
Vicky Vaughan asked:

"Do any of you know of any instructional material that would help me come
grips with understanding the Fire Tablet or Android environment"

Sorry, I can't discuss the Fire Tablet, I don't have or use one actively.
That said, I can tell you that the Fire Tablet's screen reader is known as
Voice Views and, Amazon has modified the Android kernel for its own

For Android, please check out this website:

It contains a wealth of information on Android from a blindness

Alternately, check the National Braille Press website; there's a book
written by Ms. Ana Garza and Mr. Jim Meddaugh titled GETTING STARTED WITH
ANDROID which might help you.

If joining another mailing list is ok with you, consider subscribing to
eyes-free on googleGroups. The subscription address is:

It is a list owned and operated by google and developers of google
Android's main screen reader, lurk there. Unlike most lists frequented by
the blind, moderation is NOT heavy handed. Traffic can sometimes be high,
and, as is the case on some of these lists, tempers can and do flare
especially when iOS enthusiasts seek to have Talkback do business the way
it's done in iOS land. If you can ignore some of the noise, there are a
of knowledgeable folks on the list that will help you get up and running
with your Fire tablet pretty quick.

Other than these, feel free to ask your Android questions right here and
certain that Androideans will do their best possible to KNOCK the balls out
of the park.

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