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Hi All,
This VIP3000 Talking Thermostat fits all situations!  It has all the settings for Central Air, Heat Pumps, heat strips, electric or gas heat, through the wall cooling / heating machines....
They cost $189.00 with free shipping from this company, I've purchased 4 or 5 of these thermostats over the last 2 years for our homes & for a couple of other hones without being charged sales tax..  This man, Harry, is one hell of a good man to talk to for questions and or tech support!  Don't think that by me buying several of these over the last couple of years is stating that there have been problems with any of them at all, it's because I've bought these for others we know because they are such good thermostats, for both sighted & blind!
Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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I too am looking for a talking thermostat, but I need one thet works on a standerd 110 volt system, at least that is what the maintainence man at my apartment complex said I need




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