Re: how do I stop skype from asking me if I want to update?


I've successfully chosen the no automatic updates within Skype and still from time to time get those updates install now options, so it seems that it really doesn't matter.

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Hi all,

For the past several mornings when I've turned my laptop on skype has
asked me if I want to update. I'm already using version 7.4 and I
understand that 8.1 isn't as accessible so how do I stop this reminder?
I just went into options and hit the end key which took me down to
advanced settings, but whereas I used to be able to arrow up from there
and find what I was looking for I can't seem to arrow up and find
anything now, hitting the up arrow once just seems to take me back to
the top to the general settings.

I don't use skype much so as long as I can still answer the rare call I
get with the ctrl-pageup that's all I need, and btw I'm using windows 7
and jaws 18 if that makes a difference.


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