Re: Memory card for Victor Reader Stream.


It's a microSD card which is inside the victor Stream. Both SD cards
and microSD cards are memory cards; it's a collectinve name of any
type of card that is used for storage.


On 4/20/18, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:
I have purchased products from Blind Mice, and it is a
reputable company. It is clearly stated in the post that
using the memory card will violate the warranty, so it is
not an SD card, but a memory card.

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I think you meant "reader", huh?

Anyways: What is the highest capacity SD card that one can
use dependably in the stream? Thanks.

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Hmm, unless the memory card used by the Stream is extra
special, and is
manufactured by a secret company whose name won't ever be
revealed to the
public, me thinks you can grab memory cards from just
about anywhere and
you'd be good to go. I have bought memory cards from
WalMart, Amazon,
Club, New Egg, Microcenter, Bestbuy and several other
places and have
had any problems using them in any of my gadgets
including, yes, you
it--the Plextalk Pocket and the BrailleSensePlus about the
only ancient
adaptive tech products I still torture in my chambers.

Heck, if the NLS Player can accept SD cards, I will be
using the cards
obtained from the sources mentioned here in it. I don't
get any of its
cartridges anymore, I just download BARD books to my
computer and copy the
books to any USB flash drive and I listen to the books on
my NLS player
no problems or issues. As a matter of fact, I may soon
return the NLS
player back to my talking book library because the BARD
app on my Shiny
Android toys works just fine. I've been keeping the
player as a back up,
but with my days of interaction with Windows computer
diminishing fast, I
won't need the NLS player for much longer.

All that aside, feel free to purchase your memory cards
from Blind Mice;
it's a reputable company; I haven't done any business with
it in part
because I haven't found anything that I desperately need
sold solely by

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