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Doug Sloan

Thank you

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Hi all,

Doug, it sounds from the discussion that you are wanting to copy some lines
from document A to document B, correct? Document A can be a word doc or a
.txt doc or even a web page. Here are the steps. Modify them to suit the

1. place both documents open on your computer. You can switch between them
using alt-tab. This assumes you're using Word, but it works the same for a
browser or wordpad or whatever. Place both documents open on your computer.

2. Go to document A.

3. Select the lines you want from this document by using shift and the
arrow keys. This tells the computer that it should perform its action on
only the text you've selected.

4. Press ctrl-c. You should hear something like "copied to clipboard".

5. Switch to document B. Go to where you want to paste the lines in,
remembering that the paste will insert your text above the cursor, shoving
it down the page.

6. Press ctrl-v to paste your text at the point where you want it to go.

Voila! C'est toot.

Ann P.

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