Re: Accessible File Explorer Alternative

Steve Matzura

Aside from how it looks, I've heard people complain about File and Windows Explorer since time immemorial and have always asked myself, what's wrong with it. Now I have the opportunity to ask an actual user who wants an alternative. OK, Joe, what is it about File Explorer that you don't like? In what situations does it respond slowly? I've been  using Windows since version 1--yes, since it was invented--and I think Explorer crashed two, maybe three times, so what errors have you experienced while using  it?

OK, let's get down to it then. I found this article very informative and might try some of these.

On 4/23/2018 8:09 PM, Joe Orozco wrote:

I’m looking for an alternative to File Explorer. Ideally it will be a
bit faster and less prone to errors, but mostly, I would like for it
to be accessible with JAWS. I don’t mind paying for an alternative if
someone can show the application is a good one. Thank you in advance
for any help!


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