Re: spoofer


I don't know enough about how to identify who or where the person is
just by looking at the message headers or what to do once that is

Someone who owns an illegal file sharing group claims to have
discovered who the person is and that they've alerted the legal
authorities in the country the person resides in. He claims he was
sent several messages from different individuals all indicating that
it was this one person in Canada. I'm hesitant to believe this report
and it seems like just propaganda to aggrandize himself to his
believers. I'm waiting to see if there are any actual results from
what he claims but only time will tell.

On 4/23/18, Shirley and Nitro <> wrote:
anyone know what to do about a spoofer, other than putting an entire list on
i've had to put mine on moderation, this is an ongoing issue for me. i have
an ip addy, the messages are originating from a blackberry phone and from
anyone got any ideas?
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