Looking for a utility

Donald L. Roberts

Sorry for the vague subject line, but I didn’t know what else to call it.
I locate and collect old recordings found on the internet. A few are even acoustical recordings made before 1926. Sometimes, believe it or not, these things are recorded at 320 K stereo. That’s fine if they are high fidelity to begin with; but acoustical recordings? No way. So I want to change the bit rate and sampling rate on these things to save hard drive space. For this purpose, I use Pazera free audio extractor which works very well except for one problem. It will not delete the original file even though I have selected that option.  Instead, it creates another file with the identical name except that it inserts *.001 just prior to the period before the extention. 
In the past, I would go into command mode (cmd) and use the old move command to move all files     containing *.001 using wild cards to a different directory, leaving only the originals in the original directory.
I can no longer do this on my desktop running Windows 10, Version 1709, regardless of which screen reader I use.  So I am writing to inquire whether there is a utility which works in Windows 10 which will allow me to move, delete, or rename files using wild cards.
I apologize for the lengthy explanation, but it frustrates me to pose a question or request only to get a response telling me that I didn’t provide sufficient information.
Thanks in advance for ideas.
Don Roberts

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