2 Windows 10 Questions

Joe Orozco

Hey guys,

I’m running Windows 10, and I’m experiencing this annoying issue at
the login screen where JAWS will announce Windows Sign In but then not
take me directly to the password field. I have to hit random
keystrokes before JAWS will present me with the OK button and prompt
me to reenter the password and gives me the password hint. I don’t
know how to set it up so that JAWS will take me directly to the edit
field itself. Any ideas? I’m running the latest build on both Windows
10 and JAWS 2018.

My second question: When I go to log into an intranet website on IE, I
get the security alert to enter my login credentials the way I’ve
always experienced, except now instead of the security screen popping
up on the same window, I have to Alt Tab around until I get to the
security page. I have to enter multiple layers, and if I have a few
apps opened, the process can get a little cumbersome. I’m thinking
there has to be a setting I can tweak somewhere. Please tell me
someone else has experienced and fixed this?

Thank you kindly in advance,


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