Re: 2 Windows 10 Questions

Joe Orozco

Hi Ann,

I’ll try again when I get home this evening. I’m pretty sure I’ve
tried hitting Escape before though, to no avail. It’s this blank
screen, or at least blank in an audio sense, and I’ve seen no logic
for what makes the password field appear after a time. I’ll try
though, and if Martin could please post further instructions on that
option in Power Settings, I’d be very grateful!

Thank you all, and thank you Ann again for sharing your software.



On 4/26/18, Ann Parsons <akp@...> wrote:
Hi Joe,

What you don't know is that you're presented with a screen that
displays your screen saver, it sometimes says "like what you see?" hit
your esc key and it will go to the sign-in field. If it doesn't land
on the password entry box just tab around till you find it.

Ann P.

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