Re: Beware! Microsoft Plans to Push Windows 10 On Even More Windows 7 and 8 Systems


At least we have NVDA now which is free and a very good screen reader
which I use on a Windows 7 computer regularly. Before NVDA, blind
computer users had no choice but to buy JFW or WindowEyes which many
can't afford, or battle a vocational rehabilitation agency to get them
to buy it.

VictorOn 11/4/15, Matt <> wrote:

Yes, I don't run Linux here have thought about it tons of times but just
felt over whelm . I sure do not consider myself a geek by no means .
especially when it comes to any kind of computer. I might consider myself a
power user or advance user in some cases but mostly just a little above the
normal everyday user. So totally agree with this and this if you can see if
you throw in some kind of handicap or disability with it then it


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Which is a definite problem for even mid-level users, never mind less
advanced users. Imagine going through the trouble of installing a new
operating system, which is in itself a major undertaking for many, and then
on top of that having to learn a new operating system, a new screen reader,
all new software, and then of course research how to deal with every
technical issue you encounter. It is for these reasons that the average
user sighted or otherwise will almost never switch over to Linux. It is
just that in the case of the average blind user, there are even more issues
which will further complicate the process. In almost 99% of all cases, the
only blind people who I ever see testing or running Linux are at least
moderately advanced users. Whether they recognize themselves as such or
not. It is easy to lose prospective of how difficult certain things are
others when they seem simple to you.
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Aidan <> wrote:
< Not just that, the avrage user also would want proper documentation,
of wich vinux offers the best I've seen so far, and they wouldn't want
people to explain any question you might have as if they talking to an
advanced or command line user, that is the problem I find with them
and many other open sorce software.
Not entirely true. They expect you to do your research before asking
questions. It is very rare to find a unique problem; almost anything can be
found on Google, they think. You are expected, as a newby, to do all your
research, to look down every possible path to find the answer, before
to a support group or forum or chatroom and asking your questions. Rather
than tell you to RTFM or just google, they won't answer you at all.

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