Re: Question about Android phones.


There's also the iPhone SE which is human hand sized. The larger
phones are also common in Android land and are normally referred to as
phablets, a combination of the words phone and tablet as described


On 4/29/18, Pamela Dominguez <> wrote:
As far as fitting snugly in your hand, the iphones I've seen, you would have

to have a monster-sized hand. And yes, they were iPhones, not ipads. Pam.

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Sis Carolyn wrote in part:

"but I am wondering of all of the Android phones, which is the most blind

Opinions will be subjective! Whether it be Android or the iPhone, if it
fits snugly in your hands, I contend that that's your phone! These devices
ARE NOT DEVELOPED with the blind in mind; nevertheless, we learn to use
for whatever catches our fancies. Your best bet, in my view, is to visit a
typical phone store and play with as many Android phones as you can lay
pretty hands on and go home with the one you fall in love with. That's
I did and that's why I'm making this recommendation.

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