Re: MBraille vs Flicktype


I prefer braille screen input over other braille apps. I find that braille screen input it works very well for me as I’m very fast with it.

As for FlickType, I don’t know because I am not very proficient with the on screen keyboard. I need to practice with that.


On Apr 30, 2018, at 3:35 PM, Dean Martineau <> wrote:

A good braille user who can manage to coordinate writing onscreen braille,
either with MBraille or with the onscreen braille keyboard can write much
faster than one can write with FlikType. The key is the ability to write
braille that way, and I just couldn't get the hang of doing it well enough,
but then I wasn't probably motivated to stick to it.

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I read about the Flicktype app on Applevis that is supposed to be the
fastest way to write for blind people. But I'm wondering about the MBraille
App. I like it because some long words can take only one or more characters
and/or letters to type. I'd like to know any opinions about which you think
is fastest.


Sharon H.

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