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I don't know if anyone has answered your question, or not, but I copied and pasted below some information that might give you a better idea about 3D Touch on the iPhone.
I don't have the 3D Touch on my phone though, but I have the fingerprint option.

What is Apple's 3D Touch and how does it work?
14 June 2017
What is Apple's 3D Touch and how does it work?
Apple's latest iPhones, from the iPhone 6S onwards excluding the iPhone SE, feature a new type of screen. They not only have different glass to older models,
but they offer new interactive levels too thanks to a technology called 3D Touch.
The iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus recognise force as well as gestures in order to offer more accurate haptic feedback. This in
turn results in apps being more accessible thanks to variations in pressure offering previews, quick swiping and more. 
Press and hold Facebook and you'll get the option of searching, writing a post, uploading a photo or video, or taking a photo or video. Some apps offer
more options than others in the pop up menu, including the option to add a widget to the screen to the left of the home screen.
All of Apple's native apps support 3D Touch but there are plenty of others too so it's worth having a play.
You can also use 3D Touch to jump between apps rather than double tapping the home button. Apply a little but of pressure to the screen edge and you can
swipe across between apps.
list of 1 items
. Best 3D Touch apps for Apple iPhone
Peek and pop
Another of the features within 3D Touch is called "Peek and Pop", which allows for exactly what it suggests: peeking at selected notifications through
a pop up screen without needing to open the specific app.
Pressing and holding notifications offers a number of options depending on the which app the notification came from. For example, if a tweet, you'll be
able to retweet or like it, while an iMessage will allow you to read the message in a pop up screen and reply.
This feature explains what features Apple's 3D Touch offers and how does the technology works.
Quick access to apps from home screen
One of the great things about 3D Touch, if you can get used to using it, is quicker access to various app actions from the home screen. Not all apps offer
compatibility with 3D Touch, but there are more on board now than when 3D Touch first appeared. 
Pressing and holding a compatible app's icon on home screen will pull up a menu, allowing you to perform various tasks without having to open up the app
first. For example, pressing and holding the camera app will allow you launch the selfie camera rather than main snapper, while Maps will offer the option
to mark your destination or send your location.

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What is three D touch?

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Sorry, to correct my last post, the SE does have touch ID
but not three D touch.

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From: Marie
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Just to clarify, there is no such thing as an SE6. There is
only the SE and it is exactly the size of the 5S. Probably
the same case with updated components. The systen components
are the same as the 6S but with no fingprint ID or three D

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From: Shirley and Nitro
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the six SE is like the 5S too. Same size a little bit bigger
but not by much.
that is what I have but I am going to upgrade in 2 months
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I can't help but laugh at you and Pam when you both refer to
these big
phones! Smile! Have you seen the iPhone SE? that came out
I think in 2016
or 2017? From what I have been hearing that is pretty much a
hot seller!
Those phones are supposed to be the same size as the 5S, or
pretty close.
Just remember all the iPhones that are the plus ones and
maybe the s as
well, are always going to be larger, and a lot of people
love the larger
screens. From what I've heard that is one of the main
reasons Apple brought
out the 5S phones because a lot of people wanted them the
size of the 5S.
As far as myself, I don't particularly like the larger
phones, as I have
quite small hands and fingers, so I might have to use both
hands to hold a
larger phone like when I held an iPhone 7plus, and if I had
to talk on it,
it would nearly cover half my face! The iPhone 6 that I
currently have is
fine for me. I will see once I get another phone about the
size of it.
Although, there is some other reason some people like the
larger phones, but
I just can't remember why though, other than the larger
screens, and I think
just maybe there is another reason for the larger screens,
but again I don't
I am also wanting to buy an iPad, and one reason is because
I'm hoping the
screen will be larger than my phone, but I wouldn't be
carrying that around
with me unless for some reason I had to. So I guess it
really all depends
on the person, and who knows maybe the size of their hands!

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Karim Lakhani
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Does any one know if apple will make another phone which is
not like a size
of a tablet?
I have the 5s and like the weight and size.
Maybe sighted people like the big screens, but it's real
useless to a blind
So I hope to make the 5s last as long as I can.
I don't want to buy a phone a of a brick and as that heavy.
How does one get that huge phone into a pocket?
I heard someone gets shirts made for them, so a pocket to
fit the large
phones can fit without worrying about losing it.

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Mary Otten
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Well, hang on a bit. Because there might be a second
generation of the SC
coming out in the very near future and that will be cheaper
possibly then
the iPhone 7 with the same processor. At least if you
believe the rumors.
Hang in there for a month or so and see what happens.
On Apr 29, 2018, at 5:31 PM, Carolyn Arnold

Janet, just got approval for the iPhone list.

I have decided that it will be worth the money to get one.
My friend has a 7. I was thinking of an SE, but might get
a 7, since
it is a little newer.

I am resolved that if others can use touch screens, I can
too, but I
know Siri will do a whole lot. I had a 4S and got pretty
good with the
thing. I just found out about accessible feature phones,
got so
comfortable with them, but miss reminders, temperature,
lots of things
you get with smart phones that you don't with feature

Best regards,


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Hi Carolyn,
It is really just so hard to pick a smart phone today, as
they have so
many out there. I went with the Apple phone for the
simple reason is
Apple does work with voiceover to make it as accessible
for all blind
people, and It works just fine for me. I think you might
be better
off if you join an iPhone list, as maybe an Android list
so you can
ask all the questions you need to know. I don't know
anything about
Android phones, so I can't even comment on them, but I can
comment on
the iPhone and voice over in which is one hundred percent
for blind people, although, Android might be just as
accessible, I
don't know. My older brother has the SE iPhone, and he
loves that phone, and he won't part with it for nothing!
According to
him, this SE phone is the best phone that has ever came
He doesn't have much patients to work with the phone, but
he has Siri
to do everything he wants the phone to do. For example,
he tells Siri
who to call, he tells Siri to text a message, he tells
Siri to send an
email, he tells Siri to set his alarm, He tells Siri open
Safari which
is the browser, he tells Siri to add appointment to his
calendar, he
tells Siri to create a reminder, he tells Siri to create a
note, he
tells Siri to open his play list, he tells Siri to open
the news app,
etc. I could go on and on. Although, I also know several
people who
have the iPhone 7, and they say it is the best, and they
wouldn't part
with it for nothing! I did at one time seriously
considered buying the
iPhone SE because I liked the size though. Some of my
older Nieces
have the Android phones, and they say they wouldn't pay
the price for
the Apple phones, so they stay with the Android, but they
are also
happy with them. A lot of people say you have to really
hold the
phone in your hands to get the snugly feeling though. I
still have my
iPhone 6, and I have a love hate relationship with it
meaning I love
it when it works, and I hate it when it doesn't work, but
it is like a
computer, meaning somethings happen for no rhyme or
reason! I call my
phone carrier a few days ago, and they had a special if
one bought an
iPhone 8, one would also get a free one, aw damn, I should
have jumped
at the chance! So there is a lot for you to think about
before buying
either phone, because they all cost money. It also
depends a lot on
what you will be doing with your phone. I will soon be
buying another
phone myself, and I am considering either 7 or 8 iPhone,
as well as
maybe the new iPad second generation. I might just
replace my
batteries in my old iPhone 6, and keep it as a backup, so
a lot to
think about myself! I do know of a good Apple list you
could join if
you are interested, you could let me know. This list I
would refer
you to is just all about Apple devices, and they can
answer all your
questions, and they are very nice and tech savvy, and they
have a
wonderful owner to that list.
Happy searching, Smile! !


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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Question about Android phones.

Going to the phone store does sound like a good idea. I am
kind of
leaning toward an iPhone SE. What do you all think of it
in comparison
to a 7?

Best regards,


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Associates LTD, Inc.
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Subject: Re: [TechTalk] Question about Android phones.

Sis Carolyn wrote in part:

"but I am wondering of all of the Android phones, which is
the most
blind friendly?"

Opinions will be subjective! Whether it be Android or the
iPhone, if
it fits snugly in your hands, I contend that that's your
phone! These
devices ARE NOT DEVELOPED with the blind in mind;
nevertheless, we
learn to use them for whatever catches our fancies. Your
best bet, in
my view, is to visit a typical phone store and play with
as many
Android phones as you can lay your pretty hands on and go
home with
the one you fall in love with. That's what I did and
that's why I'm
making this recommendation.

Denver, Colorado

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