Re: maximizing windows in win 10


Why don’t you just go to the actual application shortcut within your start menu and open up the properties of this shortcut to create yourself a shortcut keystroke which gives everyone the ability to choose how the application opens. Normal, Maximized, or minimized I believe it is and obviously save the changes when done.


If you’d prefer an icon on your desktop, then just go to the same application shortcut in the start menu and use your Apploications Key/Context Menu (Shift+F10) to give you the option of Send to submenu which you would then right arrow to open up the submenu then arrow down once to Desktop (Create Shortcut) to hit enter. Or you can select the start menu shortcut once selected and using the Applications Key and choose Copy then just go to your desktop to Paste. Figured I’d try it to see if it truly was possible and yes, it is. You just can’t copy it to your clipboard by using the copy keystroke of Control+C, it wouldn’t work for me but copying the shortcut via Applications Key worked just fine and so did using the pasting keystroke Control+V to paste it on the desktop


Either way this is done you will have the options as mentioned above within properties whether we are talking the start menu shortcut or the desktop shortcut.


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How do I maximize windows  in win 10?


I know some applications have  menu bar drop down options to restore, minimize and maximize windows, but many do not.





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