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Joe Giovanelli

Hello, List Members,

I ran into an easly-to-use and excellent program which should help almost anyone who wants to shop on line and has trouble with the clutter found on just about all popular websites, such as Amazohn, Ebay and more.

It is called paywithchip. That is not a typo.

In essence, after registering, you're told to expect a special kind of card reader. This reads credit or debit cards, but only cards with embedded chips. Even without the card reader, you can browse among the various stores and look at products, as you'll read.

After logging on, you have the chance to look either for a given item or a category of items. In other words, you could look for AA cells or look at batteries as a category.

Actually, what you see first are a number of stores, Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, etc. Once you select the store to shop, then you can look for items or categories as I said.

OK. You looked for AA cells, after you chose to look on Amazon. You are then shown a list of perhaps 28 possible product choices. You select one by pressing "Enter."

You then are presented with choices as to what you want to do about the selected product. You'll see that you can either ask for more details about it or add it to the shopping cart.

If you add the item, you can, by pressing Enter, either review what's in your cart or just check out.

If the card is approved, the order is placed and you'll get a confirmation byemail.

The only navigation keys yu will use are the up or dow n-arrows and the enter key.

If you want more information or to download and register the program, go to:

You will find eight short videos which will introduce you to all of the features of the program.

At this time there is no charge for the program and card reader. Eventually there will be a couple of ways to subscribe to it. I think it will cost $49 per year.

I came upon all this while reading a monthly newsletter called THEBLINDPERSPECTIVE. Other than that, I am not involved with the company. I'm just a user.

Joe Giovanellli

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