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Charles Adkins

Thanks. I have always embrased new technology both in my broadcasting career and with the adaptive technology I use. Microsoft will eventually push you up to the latest as long as you use Windows whether you want to go or not. I've been using Windows 10 since its inception, and have only had problems with this latest update. I'm sory this subject line is getting off track, but felt some explanation was in order. Any further debate should be done off list. 

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I didn't mean it as admonishment, but rather as pointing out an assumption about computer, and related technology, that is unfounded and may lead to not pursuing a problem properly.  That may mean wasting time and effort. 
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I feel properly admonished, thanks for the help. 

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I don't use Windows 10 but this is almost surely a case of being so sure that Windows is right and I'm not that you fail to recognize a defective upgrade.  It's just about certain that if the upgrade had gone as it should, that these problems wouldn't exist.  Just empirically, if these were general problems, lists such as this would be swamped with an avalanche of complaints.  Never be so confident in technology that you fail to see the obvious. 
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Subject: [TechTalk] New look for Windows 10 confusing

Well, I was one of the "lucky" ones to get the newest windows 10 installations. Upon completion, I find myself feeling like a beginner again. The maximize keyboard command doesn't seem to work, my desktop as I knew it is gone, alt f4 won't take me to my shutdown restart window, it goes on. Figured out lots of stuff doing searches, but how to shotdown and do other stuff still working on. I feel so stupid asking all this stuff. If there is a list of new keyboard commands and someone could point me to them I would be greatful. Cortana in her loving way hooks me up with keyboard command list that are pre-progress.

Thanks loads. Am also considering a little shell program that will give my box a Windows 7 look but don't want to cheat myself of features that after learning may be something for my long term good.

Thanks again.


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