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Rick Alfaro

Mike, very interesting. I have Windows home on this machine and also get the same result. Really strange. The slot on the desktop is there but appears to be blank, even if you look in properties with alt enter. You can hit enter on the empty desktop slot and get all of control panel as you should but with no name shown for this folder there is no convenient way of getting to it on the desktop since first letter navigation isn’t possible. I’ve never seen this before.



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Hi All,


Running Windows 10 Pro latest 1803, J16 thru J2018 latest, & latest NVDA.  There's a little so called trick you do called GodMode, and what this is, is a folder you create using the steps below to put all the Windows control panels within a single folder.  First the info, then my problem!


God Mode in Windows 10
Enable God Mode in Windows 10
1. Make sure your system account has administrative privileges
2. Right-click on the Windows 10 desktop and choose New > Folder
3. Name the folder:
 and hit enter/return to make it stick
You can actually name the folder anything you want like NinjaCat mode. Simply replace 'GodMode' before the {....} characters to your liking.


My problem:

When I rename this New folder it remains empty / blank!  Jaws will not read the folder name / title, and even a sighted person does not see a name / title!  But, if you open the folder what ever I've named this folder can be read with the, Alt + D, address bar keystroke, and all the Windows control panels are there.  Does anyone have any idea why this folder, and only this folder, can be named / titled, but not read by a screenreader or by a sighted person?


Any and all advice / help will be greatly appreciated and graciously accepted!  Thanks mooy moocho.   

Take care.  Mike.  Go Dodgers!
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