Re: none of my music players work. I can't play any music on my computer for some reason as of about five minutes ago.

Jim Rawls

Steve, I did download the dreaded windows update, and all is well now. Well, almost. I  called the Microsoft disability desk, and the guy I was working with, said that the speakers were messed up, so he fixed them. The problem I now have is this. My volume is lower than it used to be. Even if I set the speakers at 100%, that is lower than 100% used to be. How can I dump the update and go back? Or, is there something else I can do to make the volume louder? Right now, everything is set to 100% and that is not as loud as it should be. Frown. Jim


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Did you perchance fall  victim to the Spring Creator update? Find out by doing this:


1. Run winver. That is, hold down the Windows Key and press R. When the dialog opens, type winver, that's w i n v e r, then press ENTER.

2.A dialog will open that says something like this:


About Windows
Microsoft Windows
Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.371)
© 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Windows 10 Pro operating system and its user interface are protected
by trademark and other pending or existing intellectual property rights in
the United States and other countries/regions.
This product is licensed under the Microsoft Software License
Terms to:
Windows User

3. The information at the beginning is the most useful--the version and build numbers. If yours says version 1803, you've gotten the spring update, and that might be the answer, as there have been many changes in the way Windows handles audio and audio interfaces. One of the nastiest gotchas has to do with enabling the microphone jack on some audio interfaces. It seems Microsoft is attempting to adopt the iOS way of doing things, by granting access to a device, in this case, your microphone, on an application-by-application basis, with the default being all applications disabled. Trouble is, they, Microsoft, don't tell you this anywhere, and, unlike iOS, they don't ask you for permission for an application to access this audio device, it's just disabled, and you have to figure out the rest for yourself, poor user you. LOL. To fix this particular problem requires going into Windows' privacy settings and enabling the device. This may or may not apply to you, but the first thing to do is to check on that Windows  version.

On 5/11/2018 8:17 PM, Jim Rawls wrote:

Hi all, I was going to play some music, and my default player, win amp isn’t producing any sound. I tried a couple of others that I have, but hardly ever use, and still nothing. I don’t know how to fix this. I am running windows ten, and jaws 18. Earlier today, all worked fine. Jim


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