A Quick Request

Eleni Vamvakari


I would like to ask you for a favour. Of course, I will pay you
immediately for it. I am not sure if you actually create the talking
recovery disks or if you just use the ones created by Carlos or Brian.
But if you create them, I need one for an Acer Travelmate 8172-6932.
I tried booting from a disk that you sent me, and apparently, the
sound drivers are not compatible with it. Would it be possible for me
to use a usb sound card or to add the specific driver to a preexisting
iso? Here is the official drivers page from Acer.


At any rate, is my problem, in case you have a better sollution. My
friend Lee found a brand new, never opened hard drive that he owned
and it fit in the machine and worked correctly. It said 160gb on the
box but Windows only showed 148gb. While installing, it said
something about a GPT partition, which we deleted, making all of the
available space accessible. We installed Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit,
which we bought, along with its key, as a downloadable iso on Ebay. I
did a few normal things via NVDA Remote with no issues. I'm not sure
of this next part. I don't know if it had updated and Lee put it to
sleep, or if it was updating and he did it. I must ask. Either way,
he sent it to me and it arrived today. At first, I had issues with
sound, wherein it kept freezing or the sound dropped out (I don't know
which), and my settings weren't saved upon restarting, but they
resolved themselves. Twice, I had some kind of error when Windows
started, but again, that is gone now. In the process, however, I
tried to restore my computer to its initial settings, but there were
no points listed and I had to turn on System Protection for the drive
and change the amount of space used for it. I ran something called
Windows Repair, hoping that, if there were any extra issues, it would
resolve them.


It completed successfully, though it did say something about errors
with Internet Explorer, which I never use. I then tried to create a
restore point, but it wouldn't work. It gave me an error about timing
out and shadow copies. I researched it and followed both methods
here. That is, I ensured that the Volume Shadow Copy service was
running, and I also changed the registry and made the value 3000..


Neither option helped. Aside from this error, everything seems to be
working correctly. We also created a virtual XP machine, which I will
be using on my new computer for most things. But I still want to be
able to restore 7 should something go wrong, and I really love those
recovery disks, as they can help me repair Windows on my own!

As for the new computer that you sent me, it is working perfectly. I
couldn't be happier. I actually created and used the recovery disk,
and it worked flawlessly. Out of curiosity, why do the two drives for
this machine look different from the one for the first? This one also
slides in and out much easier than the other one.

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