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Mike Thomas

Hold on there Vicky.  You and I are on the same quest.  I talked to the folks at Instant Pot in Ottawa on Friday, and yes the smart bluetooth instant pots have been discontinued.  The good news is that they are almost ready to market Instant pot Max.  They said it would be blind accessible, and has some major upgrades.  Yes it will be around $200, but if its blind accessible it might be exactly what we're looking for.  They said it would have WiFi connectivity.  Could this mean voice commands from Alexa?  They didn't say, but that possibility exists.  Should be out in June from everything I can find.  I'm to call them back in a couple of weeks.  They said to follow them on Facebook, but I don't use it.  They said announcements would show on there.  If you hear anything from there, please share it.

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From: Vicki
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Subject: [TechTalk] instant pot question

I have been looking for the Instant Pot with Bluetooth and cannot find it on Amazon. Has it been discontinued and if so, how user friendly are the ones without Bluetooth?

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