Re: Cases and keyboards for my newest iPad 9.7

Steve Matzura

I just got the Logitech K780, which can be used with Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Android devices. It's more than just a keyboard. It is a solid, heavy base with a slot and about an inch of hard rubber mounted on the back of the base which is made to put an iPad into, mounting it at just the right angle for visual viewing. I am using it for my 1.5" iPad Pro, so I imagine your 9.7" model would fit handily and easily. It even fits in its case, which really impressed me when I tried it. The K780 is just under sixty dollars U.S. and comes with Logitech's normal tiny USB dongle for using it on another computer that may not be equipped with a Bluetooth interface.

On 5/18/2018 3:25 PM, Kathy Pingstock wrote:
Good afternoon I’m looking for a good new case for my newest iPad 9.7 and a keyboard does anybody have any suggestions or opinions and which ones are good that they might be using thank you

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