Re: Google Drive running out of storage space.

Robin Frost

You don't say which client if any you use to manage your GMail on a daily basis. I just wanted to chime in and mention that there's a known issue with GMail and Microsoft Outlook for Windows only note this is only for Outlook on Windows where deletion of messages I.E. sending them to the trash isn't working properly. Rather it's deleting and archiving them meaning it's leaving a copy of them in the all mail folder which over time does indeed eat up space and one doesn't realize it till it's significant enough to be noticeable or generate such a message. This is specific to Outlook for Windows and Microsoft is aware of it I assure you. They hear from me almost monthly for updates on it. Sadly a fix hasn't been forth coming as of yet but if you use clients other than Outlook and it's doing this it'd be interesting to know which ones.
Take good care.

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Hi everyone:

Lately I have been getting a message on my Gmail account informing me that I am running low on storage space. I’m getting this message when I go to the Gmail website. I think this might be referring to my Google drive but I’m not sure as I think there’s only one final left in my Google Drive right now. I got this message several months ago and I deleted many files from Google drive. I stopped getting that message for a long time when I did that.

There are many emails in my Gmail account because Gmail seems to be virtually unlimited. There are many emails that I have not bothered to delete. I know that Google Drive gives us 15 gigs of free storage. The message is telling me that I am almost at 15 gigs. I think we get much more storage in Gmail. What do you think is happening? Am I running out of storage on Gmail or Google drive? How can I solve this problem. How can I clear lots of storage in Gmail quickly without deleting a bunch of individual emails?



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