Re: Google Drive running out of storage space.

Jaffar Sidek

Hi Victor.  I am guessing it's your google drive.  I have not had this message from GMail, and I have not deleted my emails dating from 2011, and many of my mail have file attachments like images and mp3s and things like that.  Cheers!.

On 5/19/2018 2:29 AM, Victor wrote:
Hi everyone:

Lately I have been getting a message on my Gmail account informing me that I am running low on storage space. I’m getting this message when I go to the Gmail website. I think this might be referring to my Google drive but I’m not sure as I think there’s only one final left in my Google Drive right now. I got this message several months ago and I deleted many files from Google drive. I stopped getting that message for a long time when I did that.

There are many emails in my Gmail account because Gmail seems to be virtually unlimited. There are many emails that I have not bothered to delete. I know that Google Drive gives us 15 gigs of free storage. The message is telling me that I am almost at 15 gigs. I think we get much more storage in Gmail. What do you think is happening? Am I running out of storage on Gmail or Google drive? How can I solve this problem. How can I clear lots of storage in Gmail quickly without deleting a bunch of individual emails?



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